Moniker started in 2003 when multi-instrumentalist Eric Kinlaw and I decided to perform at his restaurant The Bee's Knees in Augusta, GA. Starting as an improvised "jam" session we began to experiment with improvising to movies. Soon after we were joined by guitarist Andrew Crater and Trombonist Nathan Paris.We began to record our shows and compiled a release entitled "Live Bees." This was a compilation of the best moments recorded over the course of months of weekly performances. Multi-tracked, mixed, and mastered by myself and Andrew Crater. As we continued to perform consistently in 2004-2005 we recorded and released our second album entitled "The Translation Error."
After the release of "The Translation Error" the group continued to perform until roughly 2007-2008 inviting Augusta musicians Noel Brown, Marcus Barfield, and others to performances. All performances centered around providing improvised soundtracks to movies.

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